Where Machines Redeem the Lost

Recadat Kongmanee has lost everything to the machines: the woman she loved, the hero’s prize she was promised, and her memories. All she has left is vengeance.

Within the Garden of Atonement, artificial intelligences offer healing and a return to innocence. Brought in as an inmate, Recadat must keep up a dangerous charade while she readies a weapon built to destroy AIs⁠—and prove that machines are not gods. But as she’s pulled into games of control and obsession, she draws ever closer to forgetting her purpose.

Yet she has not been sent alone, and a hidden ally watches from the shadows to ensure that she carries out her mission… or else that she never leaves the Garden alive.

A sci-fi psychological horror with transhumanism, pitched as the Genesis story meet the malevolent artificial intelligences of Portal and System Shock, a direct sequel to Shall Machines Divide the Earth but with a different protagonist. Available from Amazon, B&NKobo, and Apple iBooks.

Content notes

  • Graphic sex. The protagonist pursues sex as an effort to self-medicate, including one instance she treats as transactional. She initiates most of the sexual encounters, but is not healthy (one of her partners is as careful with her as possible and is partially aware of her traumas). There is one instance of a roleplayed chase, and one instance of restraints on wrists and ankles (safe words are practiced).
  • Depiction of PTSD. Includes flashbacks and some suicidal ideation.
  • Mentions and semi-graphic descriptions of detainment and torture. Include semi-graphic descriptions of being starved, beaten, and sensory deprivation. No sexual assault.
  • Psychological horror. This book differs slightly in tone and focus from the previous, though it is fairly consistent with Recadat’s segments in Shall Machines Divide the Earth.