Shall Machines Divide the Earth up for pre-order and other news

The pre-order for my next Machine Mandate book is up! Links: AmazonAmazon UKAmazon CABarnes and NobleiBooks, and Kobo. Paperback edition will be available at a later time.

Like most of the others, this is a novella, though a bit longer than Now Will Machines Hollow the Beast. It also has the advantage of being a true standalone, which is to say you genuinely don’t need to read any of the other Machine Mandate books or short stories (I’ll release a short story associated with this book at one point, but that’s more of a bonus character study than plot-relevant). This is the book I talked about writing for ages: Fate/zero but with lesbians, far-future AIs instead of heroic spirits, and a pinch of the Orpheus/Eurydice story.

On a graveyard star, machines run a deadly tournament and draw humans like moths to a flame with a priceless promise. Partner with an artificial intelligence and fight to the death. Win and receive your heart’s desire.

War veteran Thannarat has sought this hidden world to realize a single goal: bringing back the dead. To fulfill this wish, she joins the game alongside a seductive AI who pledges to give her victory. The tournament is full of lethal secrets—and so is the AI that professes to be her weapon. Yet to have what she needs, Thannarat will sacrifice everything. Her home world, the woman she once loved, and herself.

All she has to do is defy the game’s inescapable rule: that in the end, the only true victors are the machines.

I’m extremely pleased with the cover. The artist, as with all the others, is Rashed AlAkroka. Yes there will be… fairly obvious counterparts to certain heroic spirits. I won’t spoil. You’ll see.

Otherwise, I started a Substack. I’m finding it more intuitive to use than WordPress’ block editor (and more convenient than Medium), which seems to grow more user-hostile by the month, but also I feel people just don’t read blogs anymore. I’ll still keep this one updated, but a lot of my on-the-fly thoughts will show up on Substack instead (including what shows I’m watching, what books I’m reading, that kind of thing).