Did you know there was a Bayonetta anime?

Me neither. So this is just to inform people who don’t already know. It’s called Bayonetta: Bloody Fate and came out in 2013, made by Gonzo. The quality is… okay for what it is? It’s not top-notch in terms of production value, but the animation and visuals are perfectly decent.

It stays absolutely true to the game, which is to say that everyone has the proportions of something eldritch and Bayonetta’s tits, ass, and crotch will be in your face literally constantly. She jams a finger into a motorcycle and it absolutely looks sexual. She proclaims that the more she hunts angels, the stronger she becomes, and what a turn on this is. Pulverizing an angel’s face? Also a turn on. If you’ve played the game, then you know the drill. That includes the plot, which is basically the game but condensed. I’d say it condenses pretty well for what it is, and this is mostly a way to… uh… experience Bayonetta without having to mash combos and do timed platforming or waiting for loading screens. It paces much faster than the game, revealing Balder and the backstory pretty early on, though it fails to cover why Jeanne was working for Laguna and Balder. Whatever, I guess.

Slightly less over-the-top than the game, but it retains pretty much every, uhhh, signature of Bayonetta which is to say that both she and Jeanne frequently get naked to do demonic summoning while holding bizarre, gymnastic poses. It’s all hair. A lot of hair. Who knew witches could breathe in the vacuum of space? Apparently they can. Anyway, I ship them, and as I’ve tweeted, it’s not like Bayonetta would ever stoop to screw a lesser being and Jeanne is the only one in the universe on par with her (plus they were childhood friends, we know that that is code for in anime).

I watched this with Japanese audio on, so I can’t comment on the quality of the English voice acting. Bayonetta’s Japanese voice is very, very nice.