Marginalized editors and sensitivity readers list

I don’t usually need editorial services myself, but there are frequently calls for sensitivity reading and editorial services, and while databases/lists of such already exist I wanted to compile another one so I can point people to when I see tweets cross my timeline that ask for sensitivity readers and freelance marginalized editors. I believe that, whenever possible, your money should go to marginalized people. Rates are usually in USD.

To be added to this list, ask me on twitter! I’m @benjanun_s. Please tell me what areas of marginalization you’re willing to read for and state, if possible, your rates.

My suggestion is that you state your rates per word–how much you want to be paid per word (or per 100/500/1000 words)–or per hour, that’s up to you. For prospective clients, that’s the easiest way to count since different novels have different lengths, as do short stories. I’ll link your twitter, your website if any, and include your rates. If you want any of this modified or updated, just let me know (again, on twitter).

Sensitivity Readers

Mike (@guysmiley22)

  • Areas of specialty: disfigurement, non-binary femme, hearing aid user.
  • Rates: $10/£8 base, $4/£3 per every 1,000 words.

Kodi MacLeod (@PlanetaryKnight)

  • Areas of specialty: non-binary and bi identities, fat representation, poor representation, rural US life.

Ruben Ferdinand (@urbanfriendden, website: The Friend Den)

  • Areas of specialty: race, queerness, empire/post-colonialism, bisexuality, anorexia, and leftism.

Na’amen G. Tilahun (@naamenism, website: Naa’men Gobert Tilahun)

  • Areas of specialty: race, queerness, class.
  • Rates:  $10 minimum, $3/1000 words. $250 per novel up to 100K. $300 per 100k-200k novel.

Vin (@hologramvin)

  • Areas of specialty: trans, queer, abuse, assault, mental illness.
  • Rates: 2-4c per word.

Dax Murray (@daxaeterna, website: Dax Murray)

  • Areas of specialty: queer identities, bisexuality, polyamory, auto-immune issues, traumatic brain injuries/concussions, growing up poor, homelessness, abortion, eating disorders (anorexia), C-PTSD, anxiety, depression, intimate partner violence.
  • Rates: base $50 for the first 5,000 words. For every word after that, an additional $0.0025, rounded up to the nearest cent.

Kiva Bay (@KivaBay)

  • Areas of specialty: fat representation.
  • Rates: $0.005 per word.

Elisa Winther (@winthernovels, website: Elisa Winther)

  • Areas of specialtyblackness, black/white biracial, ace, bi/pan, autistic, ADD characters.

Dee Emm Elms (@d_m_elms, website: Sidlings)

  • Areas of specialty: trans characters.

Claire Anderson (@waitworry)

  • Areas of specialty: transgender, depression, anxiety.
  • Rates: $0.005 per word.

Kit (@kit_flowerstorm, website: The Flower Storm)

  • Areas of specialty: chronic illness/mental issues, pan/nonbinary, kink, and possibly military.
  • Rates: €250/$280 per full novel.

Cyrus (@chrysopoetics, website: Cyrus FYI)

  • Areas of specialty: disability (esp. chronic pain, tissue degeneration, mobility aids, developmental disorders), mental illness (anxiety, mood, psychotic, various)/medical (doctors, hospitals); trans characters esp. male (transphobia, medical, etc.), realistic bilingual characters.
  • Rates: $0.01 per word, $15 minimum.

Mari Brighe (@MariBrighe, website: Trans Nerd Feminist)

  • Areas of specialty: queer/trans/ace-spectrum/disability/neurodivergence
  • Rates: $0.005 per word, $25 minimum.

David L. Reeves‏ (@RedConversation)

  • Areas of specialty: poverty, mental illness, addiction (drug, gambling)

Neongrey (@neongrey33)

  • Areas of specialty: social anxiety and autism spectrum (when not comorbid with depression).
  • Rates: $0.02 per word, $10 minimum.

Michon Neal (@neal_michon)

  • Areas of specialty: nonmonogamy, race, queer, trans, aromanticism, asexuality, neurodivergence, disability, gender, kink, poverty.
  • Rates: $0.005 per word up to 100,000 words. $0.01 for every word after that.

Alice (@arcticbookss, website: Arctic Books)

  • Areas of specialty: Chinese American characters, Chinese (inspired) settings, high school & college experience in US as a Chinese American student, bisexual/biromantic/pansexual/panromantic characters, characters with mental illness, specifically depression and anxiety, characters with complex relationships with parents and siblings
  • Rates:
    • Pitch/synopsis: $25
    • 20,000 words or under: $25
    • 20,0001-60,000 words: $200
    • 60,0001-100,000 words: $250
    • Over 100,000 words: Subject to discussion.

MazzieW (@demigirlace)

  • Areas of specialty: queer, romantic ace, DID, PTSD, sexual assault, depression, trans woman, non-binary, and anxiety.
  • Rates: $0.005/word.

M. Amber Nall (@dismamberment, website: Nallways)

  • Areas of specialty: Aboriginal Australia, borderline PD, C-PTSD, OCD, anxiety, non-binary/LGBT characters, kink
  • Rates: $0.02 per word, $10 minimum

Mars (@wildmoonchildz, website: Lollipop Books)

  • Areas of specialty: romantic spectrum, asexual spectrum, nonbinary people, chronic illness, depression, realistic teenagers
  • Rates: $190 for 50-100k words manuscript; scales up beyond 100k, 40% discount for writers of color. Negotiable rates for individual scene reads.