Help a Vron

Hello, I’m Kate. My close friend, Vron (@hologramvron) is in danger. They, 17, were recently outed to their parents. Their parents are deeply religious and have a history of abuse, and Vron has legitimate reason to believe that they will be sent to conversion therapy, a deeply harmful process.

They’re already cut off from outside contact, not allowed to leave the house, and have been forced to sleep in a room without a door for over four years.

Meet Vron. They’re a queer non-binary teen, and they are in need of help to escape an abusive household and the very high possibility of being forced into conversion therapy.

I met Vron a few months ago (time passes quickly online) on twitter, and at first I thought them a fun, bright young person. But as time passed I came to see that Vron wasn’t just fun and bright, they were also exceptionally mature, talented, and outspoken. It’s not that they need to be all those things to deserve help, but I’ve always found their online company excellent and their presence in my twitter feed a joy.

They’re also seventeen, and have been living in an abusive household for their entire life.

They’ve tweeted about being isolated, abused, and having their privacy violated multiple times. Under fundamentalist Catholic parents, they have always had to live with the fear that their parents might find out that they are not only queer but also non-binary. It’s a terrifying state and that Vron has been surviving it with extraordinary strength and courage. Recently, just a few months from their reaching the age of majority, Vron was outed to their parents – while they’re still underage and without many of the legal protections that an adult would have. It means they can (and at the moment, very likely) be forced into conversion therapy; Vron lives in an American state where this practice is legal and, I believe, they are not under protection from the law as a youth. How bad is conversion therapy?

Really bad. Conversion therapy practices can entail threat of electric shock to the genitals and being made to sniff your own feces.

As of this writing, the fundraiser has already met its goal, but I’d like Vron to have access to as much funds as possible and for the fundraiser to far exceed its goal. Why? Because I think you and I know that $2,000 – while very helpful! – will not go far enough. Vron’s parents are not okay people and I don’t think they’ll let Vron go easily. What could lie ahead may be a grueling, traumatic legal battle and Vron will need as much financial support as possible. Money may not solve all things, but for a queer non-binary youth it’s going to grant them options that they badly need.

Vron deserves the world. Let’s help give them one.