Convenient Short Fiction Reading On Mobile Devices or Whatever

My way of reading short fiction isn’t necessarily everyone’s convention. It’s convenient as heck, however. I’m not trying to offer a way to not subscribe to zines; this should hopefully make people read short fiction more, for a start. (I find that even if I subscribe, doing this is still more convenient for me anyway.)

Aggregate your zines!

Sign up for aggregators like InoReader, Feedly, The Old Reader, NewsBlur, or Pulse. Add all your regularly read zines. This way all of it is in one place rather than you having to manually load up each zine one by one in separate browser tabs.

Sync to read offline!

Now sign up for an app like Pocket or InstaPaper. Both have mobile apps and browser extensions.

Download the relevant browser add-on of the service in question. This lets you do this.


Download the app on your phone, sign in, and everything you added through the browser extension will download to your mobile device for offline reading. Have fun!