EXCITED IMAGE DUMP: Shingeki no Kyojin, the live action

I’m hilariously behind so I only today saw the full trailer of the live action film of Shingeki no Kyojin. Hey, at least I’m only half a month behind. Anyway, I’m so psyched for this I’ll just dump screenshots of the trailer, as one does, with some commentary.

Firstly, the cast!

I’m not sure who Lil and Hiana replace – I’m guessing from the hairstyle that Lil is supposed to be Annie Leonhadrt, so Lil might be… Ymir? Levi has been replaced by Shikishima. The rest I’m not sure, but I know Jean’s, Armin’s, Hanji’s, and Eren’s names are unchanged. Mikasa, obviously, remains Mikasa. Is Krista/Historia even going to be around? I’m going to be a bit annoyed if there’s a Ymir stand-in but her girlfriend is missing. But obviously we can’t leave Annie out, assuming they’re keeping in the titan shifter storyline.

What a nice bit of pastoral idyll you’ve got there! Shame if something were to happen to it.

Hello, Colossal-kun! Calm down everybody, he just wants to know if he’s kawaii.

I don’t remember the titans being gray, but okay, we’ll roll with it: Shingeki no Fifty Shades.

Hi Hanji! And Kubal, who replaces… I’m not sure, actually.

Well, I never! An army that’s actually egalitarian rather than ‘mostly men with two token women thrown in’. The kid who plays Eren has absurd cheekbones. What is even his skull.

Step aside Whiteniss Everpale, Sasha as played by a Japanese lady has just rendered you completely irrelevant. (Note: I filtered this image otherwise it’s really dark and it’s almost impossible to tell what’s going on.)

Hello Hanji! You are inappropriately excited about titans, as usual.

In the source material, IIRC Mikasa is considered one of the deadliest soldiers of her year, so it looks hopeful they’ll keep it that way in the movie.

Explosion, obligatory.

It’s very gritty.

Summary: the filters are ridiculous but everything looks like it’s out to out-gritty the hell out of the anime. The uniforms are ragged and dirty, everyone looks coated in dirt constantly, everything’s really dark and grim and etc. I don’t mind that some changes were made to the characters and Levi has been replaced by a stand-in with a Japanese name. The movie will be released in two parts, so I wonder how much of the story will be covered (and/or how many changes will be made to the plot; can’t imagine them dropping titan shifters, but who knows).

Anyway, it all looks pretty promising. Very psyched for this. By the way, don’t read the youtube comments.