That’s Bal-Bal-Kun to *you*

Yui Kusanagi, is the daughter of a Shinto shrine. She discovers a mysterious sword, which transports her to a different world where she meets the Greek god Zeus. He invites her to attend a school in a separate world that he created. Zeus intends to teach the meaning of love to the various young divine beings who also attend the school, in an attempt to reverse the weakening bond between humans and the gods.

Kamigami no Asobi is an absurd manga and demands an image dump. I’m pretty positive it’s a piss-take, honestly. The experience of reading it felt like pouring dead insects down my skin.

L to R: Hades, Apollo, Loki, Baldr, Thoth, and Anubis.

Bal-Bal-Kun. Also known as Bella Swan, on account of falling over constantly.

‘From the Greek side, they also sent my uncle, Hades and Dionysus, also called Dee-Dee.’

‘This is a unicorn. A fierce, extremely self-respecting unicorn.’

Yep, definitely a piss-take.