Skinfood Egg White Pore Mask review

I always have a tough time reviewing skincare products – unlike makeup where it’s easy to judge on pigmentation, wear time, whether it makes you break out or if it’s too thick or too thin, the effects of skincare items tend to show up after long term, repeated uses. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it does *anything* at all beyond ‘doesn’t turn my face into a lunar crater’ (which tends to happen fast and is very noticeable!) and even slight improvements in skin can be attributed to so many other things from weather changes to hormones to what I’m eating.

But I’ve dilly-dallied enough! I’ve been using Skinfood’s Egg White Pore Mask for a while, exhausting a third of the tub, so I feel I can say a few things about it.


The first thing to say is that I am not sure it does anything for met at all? That is sad since my pores are very visible, though they aren’t unusually clogged (I don’t have acne or blackhead issues). I have tried to use it after exfoliating and before, and would have to say that like most masks it’s more effective if you use *after* exfoliating… but with the Egg White Pore Mask there’s a little niggle: it does pull up some sebum from pores, which you would then scrub off with an exfoliant. But you wouldn’t want to exfoliate twice in a day, let alone one after another. I’d say the average mud mask or chemical peel is much more effective at cleansing and there’s no pore refining effect that I’ve been able to see.


The consistency is *really* thick – think wet plaster! It dries to a powdery finish which surprised me, masks this thick tend to dry tight and cracky. Even after a thick layer, this mask dry doesn’t make me feel like my face will crack if I smile. I cleanse after washing it off though that may be too much for sensitive skin. While I don’t experience the ‘tight’ feeling I get with mud masks, afterward I do find my face tender and sometimes with red patches. Out of all my masks this one leaves my skin the unhappiest and I’m not sure what ingredient is causing that.

This mask contains alcohol, though I personally have never experienced adverse effects from alcohol (having been known to wear primers with alcohol, night cream with alcohol, and toner with alcohol). It doesn’t give me any tingling sometimes associated with that ingredient.

Altogether I will probably try and use this up, but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing!


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