My Sleek i-Divine obsession – some comparisons with 4U2


That got out of hand quickly! I think this means (combined with all the mountain of other palettes) I can officially bathe in my eyeshadows several times and still have enough left to use for, erm, the rest of my life. (The rest of my collection is not pictured but they tend to be small palettes or singles).

I do have to say that Sleek palettes absolutely live up to their name and all the rave reviews! Cheap, pigmented, lots of colors to pick from. *_* I was leery that they would be of the same quality as those 88 eyeshadows palettes but there’s absolutely no comparison.

Each pan is rather small compared to these but I do find the quality better as well. Disproportionately so; Sleek’s eyeshadow formula isn’t necessarily as buttery but it feels *better* pressed in (4U2 shadows don’t appear to have a good binding agent? and feel like they will fall apart if you drop the palette) and fallout is much less of an issue. 4U2 also doesn’t ever make matte shadows. The overall feel of 4U2 is that it’s… cheap? It works well enough and the pigmentation is good (being shimmery to metallic shadows pigmentation’s usually not a problem) but there’s something so much more refined about Sleek’s shadows including stronger pigmentation, even for matte shades. They don’t get muddy as quickly from layering, either! My only complaint is that Sleek doesn’t have many duochrome shades – I am hypnotized by duochrome finishes – though that’s very minor, and I know a lot of people don’t even like duchrome. I think one of the shades in Snapshots (green and gold) and another in Celestial (‘Eclipse’ being a little similar to the shade ‘Girly’ in Too Faced Pretty Rebels limited edition palette – warm brown with green chrome cast) are duochrome. Out of all these I think Celestial is my favorite – it’s the most interesting selection of colors with plenty of neutrals to go with all the ‘fun’ shades. And ‘Girly’ was the shade that made me really want to get the Pretty Rebels palette – which isn’t available anywhere anymore T_T – so that solved two of my shadow problems in one go! And erm, no swatches yet I’m afraid; I want to keep the two in the boxes pristine for a while yet.

Sleek’s sponge-tip applicators aren’t any better than any other I’ve come across. I don’t understand sponge-tip applicators, they are present in high-end palettes as well for some reason… but I’ve plenty of eyeshadow brushes so that is not an issue in either case.

Overall I’ve been really happy with Sleek, though I’m less keen on their Pout Paints (but that’s more to do with my prejudice against liquid lipsticks)!