4U2 I-Pro Contemporary eyeshadow palette, swatches

A Malaysian friend sent me one of these, though it’s available in Thailand as well. I haven’t seen it anywhere in Hong Kong, though if it was it would be around HK$155.



The resemblance to Sleek’s i-Divine palettes is probably not a coincidence! On the other hand, this is much, much bigger than Sleek eyeshadows – I don’t have a measurement to hand, but the individual shadow pans look about three or four times as big as the ones in Sleek palettes. That is a *lot* of shadow, though you do get eight colors instead of the twelve in a Sleek offering. But the size and amount! So much shadow…



Lipglossiping has, erm, slightly more representative swatches. Some of the colors just disappear into my skin, a little, leaving just a glittery mess. On the eyelids though they are all very pigmented, much like Sleek shadows, but I would have to say Sleek’s formula produces better results: these, though said to be ‘buttery’ in texture, mightn’t have the best binding agents or haven’t been pressed very well – never drop one of these palettes, the shadows will crack at once! In use, there is some fallout, more than Sleek shadows, but it’s still perfectly useable. Lasting power isn’t so bad though it will crease after some six, seven hours, with primer (NARS Smudgeproof).

But the shades themselves are really lovely! I adore duochrome shades like nothing else, and this palette offers up several – actually I would say most of the shades have a gold base or undertone. This is the case with the green, the rose gold, and surprisingly the blue. The rightmost shade on the bottom row is stunningly metallic, if you layer it up it looks like foil on the lids, though it also has the most fallout, which does tend to be the case with highly metallic eyeshadow. The vanilla on the leftmost, bottom row, is excessively frosty.

I have tried to use some of them wet, but that doesn’t change the pigmentation to any visible amount. Surprisingly! I thought the metallic, coppery shade would show more vividly, but it doesn’t… though it does look already very good dry. The green gold and rose gold are more pronouncedly duochrome wet, but overall I wouldn’t go through the trouble. They are plenty pigmented when dry and don’t improve wet.

Will I repurchase? Yes, though I don’t think I will have to ever – there’s just so very much in each pan. The colors work well together, are very pigmented, have good texture, and it’s about the same price as a Sleek palette but with a lot more quantity.