Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in RD605


Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in RD605 is a pen liquid liner with a black base and red shimmer.

Being a Shiseido line means Majolica Marjoca products are not as cheap as you would expect – though they do make up for it (usually…) with quality and adorable packaging! That makes this pen a huge disappointment.  (╯︵╰,)


It’s a gorgeous, stunning color close up – I blurred the shot to let the shimmer really show – but when worn (or even swatched) the red shimmer doesn’t show up too well so the liner appears to be a murky black with just the lightest hint of brown.

You have to twist the end to get the product to come out, which is where my troubles began; it’s impossible to control how much product comes out and usually there’s too much. Adding to that is the liner’s consistency being rather odd: if I don’t give the pen a vigorous shake before use, the liquid will separate into a clear, watery substance and red shimmer. The pigmentation of the black isn’t the blackest black I have ever seen, but I could’ve lived with that! Excess product coming out of the pen could have been wiped off on a tissue… but actually putting the liner on was a terrible misadventure.

It does not build at all. I’ve used the thickest, goopiest liners of all liners (MAC Liquidlast) and everything else in the between, but the Majolica is so runny! I tried to build it up in layers, but horrifyingly the first layer immediately flaked off in tiny black chips.


I tried to put my trusty Fluidline over it, but that only made it flake more! The Majolica takes forever to dry as well – I’ve been spoiled by the speed at which MAC gel and liquid liners tend to dry, so I don’t usually have to wait more than half a minute after applying my liner. The runniness may be that I don’t store it correctly? But I have never experienced this separation or wateriness in any other liquid liners I’ve used, and I store it in the same place as the rest of my makeup. (Room temperature, no exposure to sunlight).

I’m inclined to try and make the best of this liner (it is not cheap for a ‘drugstore’ product!) but there aren’t many compelling reasons to use it. Its unique color doesn’t show true and if I can get my hand on it, the Illamasqua Precision Ink in Havoc will serve me better if I’m in need of a liner that pulls red.